Stay Organized with Online Calendars.


Students today have a lot on their plates, taking classes, keeping up with school assignments, often times working a part time job and spending time with friends and family.

Add in that many students  have difficulties with executive functioning and attention difficulties, the idea of keeping track of everything can be especially difficult. 

Executive functioning refers a set of mental processes that control our ability to organize, plan and strategize.

Weakness in executive functioning often impairs the ability to remember information, start tasks, retell stories, and manage time.

Fortunately, online calendars make it easier than ever for you to stay organized.

Some of the best online calendars are listed below:.

 Google Calendar 

Google Calendar ( lets you set up multiple calendars and organize them in a variety of ways.  It is very intuitive, easy to access, and quick to use. 

Benefits for LD students:

  • Viewable by day, week, or month. You can keep track of daily tasks as well as long-term assignments.

  • Offers color-coding. You can organize and prioritize events by color.

  • Accessible on your mobile phone. You can check your calendar as you move from one activity to the next.

  • Sends reminders to your email or phone. This ensures that you won’t forget important events or assignments.

  • Can be shared other users. Friends and family members can have access to your calendar and help you stick to your schedule.  


Jibidee ( offers many of the same functions as Google Calendar (multiple views, color-coding, sharing) as well as many fun and useful extras.


Benefits for LD students:

  • Allows for customization.  You can organize your information in a way that makes sense to you.

  • Offers list-making. Lists can help you keep track of tasks and assignments.

  • Jidibee lets you make to-do lists, check lists, assignment sheets, and more.

    Lets you record and store documents, photos, address books and more. You can keep all your information in one place to reduce confusion.

Other easy-to-use online calendars include :

Yahoo Calendar (, which lets multiple users edit your calendars.

Zoho Calendar ( makes it very easy to add events with as much or as little detail as you want.

And the Cozi Family Organizer ( lets you created a shared calendar for the whole family.

All of these calendars are free and easy to download. So, if you struggle with executive functioning, or just need some help staying organized- you can do it with these online calendars!


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