Resources for Struggling Teens, ” And So On” Blog by Jena Young 


Most of the students that RiSE interacts with have overcome and preserved through their learning differences and have gained insight and become more self aware in the process. It has been a long road for their families, but since we are awarding scholarships to students heading to college and on the next steps, we mainly ( and gratefully) hear their success stories.


I am writing today for the students that are struggling and need additional help that their school or family is unable to provide.


Sometimes this happens from behavioral issues, trauma, depression and other issues that need to be addressed. Since there are not many resources for this, I felt the need to pass the information along. I am doing so more as a mother than the Co Founder of RiSE; however, we do realize many students have learning differences and many have not yet been remediated or discovered before the child needs additional support.


If your child is struggling with this, I certainly empathize and hope some of these links are helpful. I do not know the cost and at this time RiSE is not financially awarding or giving grants in this area. Please contact them directly to discuss if this is a good fit for your situation.



The Amen Clinic for Spect and Brain Scans- They have thousands of scans and are able to see if there is a brain injury, concussion, ADHD, and even overactive areas of the brain that supplements, neurofeedback, medication, meditation and exercise could greatly and positively impact.




Hayes, Davidson and Associates – Intervention and Rehabilitation Placement

Maureen Grady at In Mind Collective, Atlanta therapist:

Evoke Wilderness Program


Aspiro Wilderness Program


Outward Bound– Look for specific weeks for troubled teens.


NATSAP National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs


NAMI National Association for Mental Illness


Not my Kid website. Their mission is to: Empower and educate youth, families, and communities with the knowledge and courage to identify and prevent negative youth behavior.



The “And So On” Blog by Jena Young


Jena Young is an advocate for students who learn differently and the Co-Founder of RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

The advice in this blog is from her personally and not intended as professional advice from RiSE.