Remember, unlike high school, you will need to decide if you want to disclose your LD to the college or university that you are accepted to. If you have a documented learning disability, you are not required to disclose it to the college. However, you must disclose (some call it “self identify”) and provide essential documentation of your learning disability in order to receive appropriate services and accommodations.

  • Research Section 504 and the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) which protect the civil rights of people with disabilities and require postsecondary institutions to provide services to their enrolled students with learning disabilities. These services would be given to a student that provides essential documentation to the school , and has disclosed their LD to the institution they are attending.
  • Be your best advocate; know your disability and the accommodations that make you successful.
  • Meet with or speak to other students that attend the college that have LD, contact on campus school support groups, if available.
  • Find out the requirements for foreign language and math. Some schools allow you to take sign language, which is helpful if you are more of a kinetic learner.
  • Hire a college consultant, if you are having trouble finding the right fit for a school, with over 3000 colleges and universities, there is one that is just right for you! They often have great advice for financial aid, as well.
  • Meet with the Office of Student (or Disabilities) Services, if they have one at the colleges that you are applying. Ask them which services and what types of accommodations are available at their institution.

Examples of services that are provided, if you have documentation of a specific learning disability:

  • Extra time for quizzes and tests
  • Ability to take quizzes or tests in quiet room
  • Ability to take a test, quiz or write essays on a computer with spell check.
  • Ability to have a note taker, or copy of notes on lectures.
  • Audio versions of textbooks, or even of class lectures.
  • Early registration for classes

These are only helpful tips, for students. Contact each school for their individual policies.