RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. – College Selection Matrix

In the spring of 2012, at the offices of RiSE, we received Jimmy Draper’s scholarship application and attached to his application was his “college matrix”. We found this matrix to be a very valuable tool for a student with disabilities. He and his devoted father, who has been by Jimmy’s side through his scholastic journey created this form to help pave the path for school choice and Jimmy’s future career. After winning the RiSE honorable mention award in the spring of 2012, graduating high school and moving onto college, we decided to contact Jimmy and ask if it was possible that he would share his matrix with RiSE!

We are thankful for his help and hope you are able to use his generous donation of his matrix during this college application season!


  • ·        Open the spreadsheet link above and hit “save ” to your computer.


  • ·        Open the spreadsheet and click the left bottom arrow to take you to the “College Selection Considerations Matrix” It may be easier to write these answers in Microsoft word, spell-check and then cut and paste over to the spread sheet. Save this to your computer. Add each school you are considering and the services that that college is able to provide. Also input if they have the degree you are interested in receiving.


  • ·        Budget -It may be something you want to have your parents help you with after a discussion of the projected costs of each school you are considering. Also you may want to add columns in there of what you are able to spend and if you have any school loans you are applying for.


  • ·        Volunteer Hours- This is terrific to go ahead and fill this out, even as a lower classman, to start building your college resume.


  • ·        Scholarships- Check Fast web, Scholarship.com, and ask your high school counselor if they could recommend ones that suit you best. Add these in the matrix and when they are due so you can plan your senior year.


  • ·        Educational History and Plan- Request a copy of your transcript and your IEP or Psychological Evaluation to file with this matrix. Most likely each college will request an official one from your school, but it is nice to have a copy for yourself for a quick reference.
  • ·        Essay- Here is a spot to cut and paste your essays for the common application and other essays that you have written during the application process.

If you have any suggestions on things to add to the matrix, let us know !