The scholarship has been discontinued, as of 2019. 

If you would like further information, please read the note below from RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Since 2010, the volunteers and founders of RiSE have enthusiastically awarded more than 150 individual scholarships to students with documented learning differences and/or Autism.

Since inception, RiSE volunteers have read over 8500 applications from amazing students with letters written by teachers, principals, counselors and coaches who have been in awe of their perseverance and strength of each applicant. Every year it was difficult to choose who would “win”, as each child was a winner in our eyes.

RiSE has financially contributed as executive producers of films and books on the topic of learning differences. We have contributed our experience to others to help other scholarships come to be. RiSE has generously been recognized in the U.S. News and World Report and we continually receive many wonderful notes and messages of inspiring young adults.

We have seen a continual trend in awareness and acceptance of learning differently. We have seen high schools embrace differences and offer more accommodations towards more students. It has been remarkable.

All this being said, we have decided to continue our work at RiSE with the same mission to award financial means in promoting education with the focus of learning differently, but have decided to focus on larger community and school based projects instead of individual scholarships. We feel this affects a broader reach and serves more students as a whole. We will be discontinuing the student scholarship program in 2019.

Thank you for all of your appreciation for RiSE, for the volunteers, the media and sharing of the work we have done up until this point. We will continue to bring awareness via social media or on our website as advocates of LD and of Autism. We are so proud of how far the awareness has come and know it will continue to expand. Thank you for being a part of RiSE and we hope you will continue to support us in this new capacity.

Jena Young

RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc.