Congratulations to these incredible students who have shown persistence, resiliency and determination in overcoming their challenges.

These 10 students will receive $500.00 payable to the school they choose for the fall of 2019.

Olivia Brown
Cayce Diggs

“Be proud of who you are” Cayce

Ryan Fanelli
Noah Irwin
Hope Jehorek
Sarah McAtee

As you reflect as a senior in high school, “You realize you have grown into a strong, confident young woman, you can accomplish whatever you want, you know it will take longer and require more work, but you have the ability, the strength, the perseverance and the love of others around you to accomplish your dreams. Yes, life will still not be fair, but you take in all those moments of love and see they have made you who you are”.
Senior in High School Sarah 

Macy McMichael
Haley Miller
Esmond Morris
Jacob Pittman

Art Entry for 2019 Scholarship by Hope Jehorek