RiSE Awards Autism Award Winners and Honorable Mentions

Below are listed the 5 Award Winners and below their descriptions are the 10 honorable mention names

Congratulations to The 5 RiSE Awards Autism Winners!

Each of these students will receive

$2500.00 payable to the school they are attending in the fall of 2018! 

Clare Chaddon


Talented artist, flute player and volunteer who loves animals. Clare has a diagnosis of Asperger’s and anxiety which she learned about as a teenager. Finding the diagnosis was helpful as then she was able to begin working on ways to improving her processing and other details to help her academically. In her RiSE application, she entered a drawing depicting the stages of her personal growth which at the beginning were less defined. Her second stage became more clear and a path could be “forged”. Today Clare knows herself, her strengths, her interests, her needs and strategies she will require to get the most out of her education. This depth of self awareness as well as a wonderful mind for academics will take Clare far! Heading to Northern Colorado to school, she will pursue art among other things! 

Seth Fox


This high school senior from Pa. is an extremely talented musician, compassionate volunteer, lifeguard and Eagle Scout. He also has a diagnosis of Autism which can make interactions difficult. By his family intervening early and exposing him to a variety of experiences, Seth has found a “strong back bone”. Recently he bravely went to China to help assist and volunteer in an orphanage with a group that he did not know beforehand. Traveling abroad, forging friendships and learning the language helped Seth find purpose, grew his communication and leadership skills. We know this is just the start for Seth and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for him at Eastern University while he studies for a Business Degree and perhaps a minor as well. 

Kamauri Cowsen


Next fall, Kamauri is heading to Elmhurst College in Illinois. Diagnosed at the age of 10 with Asperger’s Syndrome, Kamauri has struggled socially and academically. Although those were bumps in his path, he is now a well regarded football player

(also has been chosen as captain), mentor, and holds a 3.2 GPA and has even been on the school’s honor roll. The school counselor refers to Kamauri as an “asset and highlight of the community”. He has an ability to advocate for his needs and stay motivated, he will make a wonderful addition to his new school and RiSE wishes him a wonderful transition!

Hannah Langkamer-Smith


Described as articulate, cultured and courteous, Hannah in our eyes is also an amazingly talented artist, as well as musician! The detail on her piece she submitted to the judging for RiSE was memorable and outstanding. This type of detail must require a lot of focus and according to the Gifted Programming  Facilitator, this is consistent as she has a “quest for excellence”. This detail and immersion is meditative for Hannah and she describes it as helping to and get rid of any “internal tenison”. The piece is on our instagram, it is the tiger in 2018.

Hannah sets high goals for herself and has found skills and strategies to help her accomplish them. Despite Hannah’s being on the Autism Spectrum, Hannah has not let that slow her down in her pursuit of a wide range of interests, speaking and performing in front of large audiences and her next step which is to attend college, which is according to Hannah her vehicle for “my curiosity”. The school Hannah has chosen is Temple University and we at RiSE know she will thrive! 

Walker Meyn


The list of the 10 2018 Honorable Mention Award Winners for RiSE Awards Autism, Congratulations!!

These students will receive $500.00 payable to the College they choose in the fall of 2018!

1. Andrew Bergantz
2.  Caedan Clarke
3.  Jacob Daley
4.  Kelley Favors
5.  Alex Gardner
6.  Kyle Gatesman
7.   Emma Hert
8.  Caleb Horvath
9.  Kyle Johnson
10. Cameron Mackie
A few photos!! The one on right is a self portrait art entry for the application. Congrats Everyone!!