Q: Who can apply for the RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Award?

A. The criteria for applying for the RiSE Scholarship Award is the following:

  • Must be a current high school, college bound senior who is actively applying to an accredited college or university for the fall semester after they graduate high school.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4 point scale (or equivalent).
  • Must have a documented learning disability, and or an ASD diagnosis.
  • A diagnosis of ADHD or ADD alone does not qualify.
  • Must provide a letter of reference from a teacher, high school counselor, or principal of present high school. This may be uploaded with applicant’s name. Please email the website link for the person to upload this during application season. They must use the same link to Drop Box and save under your name.
  • If the student is chosen for a RiSE award, the student must provide RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. proof of registration and the student identification number to accepted college or university for the scholarship to be issued the fall semester of the same year that the award is presented.
  • Must upload all needed material between the due dates that are stated on the application.
  • Must include a photograph.

Q: When will the recipients and non-recipients be notified?

A: Due to the number of applications that RiSE Scholarship Foundation receives, non-recipients will not be personally notified.

The chosen recipients of the awards will be personally contacted through a personal phone call before the end of May. The RiSE Honorable Mention Award recipients will be emailed to the student’s email address, as well as the parent’s address, in late spring, before the end of May.

The list of the names of the recipient/recipients will be posted online on our website, on our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) in the spring, as well. “Like us” or “Follow us” on these sites for updates and to read the success stories of these students.

Q: Are home-schooled children eligible to apply, and if so, what are the requirements for their transcript submissions?

A: Yes. They should submit the same application. A professional ( counselor, coach, tutor) may write the recommendation letter.

Q. How many students receive awards?

A. In 2017, RiSE is awarding five students for the RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Award and one for the RiSE Awards Autism Award.

The value of each  award is  $2500.00. The award money is paid to the college or university that the award recipient attends in the fall after graduation.

There are also Honorable Mention Awards for each category, as well. These awards are for $500.00 and will be paid to school the student attends the fall of 2017.

Q. Do many students apply for the scholarships? 

A. RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc.’s scholarship opportunity is competitive. Although many students apply, each application is individually considered. The gradual increase in applications shows that many more students are being diagnosed, advocating for themselves and pursuing college.

Q. Will I get a check for the award if I am the recipient?

A. No, The monies will be paid to the college or university that the awarded individual is admitted to and has enrolled in for the fall of the same year the award was given. This money is to be used for tuition, books, or room and board at the school.

Q. How do I find out if RiSE received my application? 

A. In 2017 RiSE has converted to using Dropbox as a portal to upload the application. We are no longer receiving them via mail. You will receive confirmation via Dropbox that it was received. This will be your confirmation, RiSE does not respond to additional emails from families asking if we have received your application.

Q. Do more students attend 2 or 4 year colleges?

A. Studies show that many more LD students attend 2 year colleges, than 4 year schools for a variety of reasons. Knowing your disability, and being self aware, makes it easier for you to decide which the best fit is for you. The RiSE Scholarship Foundation, Inc.  Award can be paid to either one of these types’ colleges or universities.

Q. Why does “ADD or ADHD alone” not qualify a student to apply. 

A. RiSE is aware that ADD and ADHD impact learning; however, because we are a volunteer based organization we are not equipped to accept the volume of applications we would receive with that diagnosis alone. Over 11% of students are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD according to the CDC.  The majority of our applicants have this diagnosis along with other learning differences.

Q. If I have a LD or need accommodations, who do I contact at the colleges for services?

A. Check out the Office of Disability (or student) Services, if the school has one. These professionals are a wealth of information on what documentation you need, services that are offered, and support for your transition. There are many books that are helpful for students with LD, look on our resource page for a list.

Q. Can you return my art if I submit it in the application?

A. No, we are not able to return items that are submitted. If you care to take a photo of the item or take a photocopy of the original art, that may be an option for you.