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The 2017 Application is posted below.

Please see the FAQ’s page for questions. 

The due date is during the month of Jan. 2017 and will be accepted via Dropbox, please do not email or mail RiSE your application. They will not be accepted.

The Winner and Honorable Mentions will be featured online and on our social media pages in May of 2017. WE DO NOT CONTACT ALL APPLICANTS, TO SEE IF YOU ARE A RECIPIENT, PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE IN MAY 2017.

The link for the 2017 Application: 2017 Application

The link for the Dropbox request: This will be posted in December 2016.

Directions for the 2017 application are:


  1. Click the above link for the fillable application and download to you computer.
  2. Save this to your computer to file with Your last name, first name and “application”.  Example:  Smith, John application. You will be submitting this via Dropbox later and this is how RiSE will recognize it.
  3. Fill out the 3 pages  ( you can print and upload all) or use your computer to fill them out.
  4. Print the signature page for you to sign manually.
  5. Print the recommendation letter /page to give to the person who you feel could recommend you for this award. You could also email the link to them and have them fill it out and print for you.
  6. Upload the signature page as Example: Smith, John signature. 
  7. Have your teacher, counselor or person writing the recommendation, fill out the letter. Show them your documentation for your LD and let them write in the appropriate diagnosis.  By doing so, you will not have to submit additional documentation.  Whether you scan the letter and save to your computer or they email it to you, Save this as last name, first name “letter”.  Example:  Smith, John letter. * If your school will not allow students to see the recommendation, pls. send this page (web address or the Dropbox link) to them and they may upload the letter with your name as well. 
  8. Upload a current picture of yourself.  Save as last name, first name “photo”.  Example:  Smith, John photo.
  9. Ask your high school for a recent transcript and upload this form. Save as last name, first name “transcript”.  Example:  Smith, John transcript.
  10. Put all of these in a folder on your computer to make easier for you to find.  You may want to name it RiSE.
  11. Go to the website of RiSE.  Click the “Application, Apply” icon.  Click the link provided to upload to DropBox’s website.
  12. It will ask you to upload a file.  Click your folder and upload each document.  Please do this one at a time and after each one they will ask if you want to add another.  Click “Add another” until all 5 items are added.
  13. You may add one additional upload of a poem, a photo of your piece of art or other needed material.  If you would like to mail any art, please mark with your full name and mail to our address.  This is not required and cannot be returned.

Thanks for your interest in RiSE!