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  1. Matt Ramsey says:

    I overcame a substantial learning disability, using voice recognition software, starting more than a decade after I sustained my fifteenth stroke, underwent neurosurgery 4 times and was exposed to nearly fatal spinal meningitis.

    As a graduate student, as well, I worked 40-41 hours per week, as a writing tutor at The University of Maryland.

    Please contact me to let me know if you can help me find funding for a doctoral program.


    Matt Ramsey, M.Ed.

  2. admin says:

    Matt, Thank you for your interest and sharing your story. Your strength is apparent. The RiSE Scholarship currently only has opportunities for high school seniors to apply. For other websites that feature scholarships, I would encourage you to read the blog :http://risescholarshipfoundation.org/2014/04/ask/ . Take Care!

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