Tips for LD Students at College

  • Arrive early to class, and get a seat in the front to stay focused and engaged.
  • Register for smaller classes, if a possibility.
  • Even if you are not disclosing your LD, have a friend take notes, or ask the professor if it is a possibility that you tape the class lecture on an audiotape for review.
  • Research if the course textbooks are on audiotape.
  • Explore the option of taking summer classes, in order to lighten your course load. Perhaps there is an online course available.
  • Keep a daily planner; write each test on it, and when papers are due. This way you can look ahead at a test and pencil in study periods or tutor sessions ahead of time.
  • Try and strategically space your semesters to have only one or two heavy reading courses.
  • Lighten the load! Take a course load of 12 hours, as opposed to the standard 15, or 16.
  • Try and obtain the syllabus online prior to class (or registration) to look over the areas that are challenging to you.

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